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We cut many type of keys. If your key looks similar to the above, then we can cut it.  IMPORTANT:  The price reflects only our service to cut your standard key, quantity 1 key. 

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What a hassle to have two devices, a keyless entry and a key. It's taking room in your pocket and poking you all the time.  Why not combine it into 1 cool looking flip key.


We can copy your key that has a transponder in it. You must provide your own blade / blank or buy one from us. We'll provide the copy and cut services.


Blade for Various common cars. To be used with Universal Flip remotes. Choose one specific to your car.


  • Universal 360┬░rotation, three-sided zipper key case
  • Leather + high quality hardware
  • 8.5cm ├Ś 5.2cm

Universal 3 Button Flip / Switchblade Remote. Comes in 5 color choices. Choose Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Black. Comes apart at the middle so that you can tuck away a transponder chip inside if needed..

* Color: